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Signatures for Bradwell lane petition for safety

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1 SarahHibbert  
2 LouiseParker  
3 PaulScott This Junction needs URGENT attention.
4 NikEllis I have had a fair few close misses over the years so something needs to be done. ..
5 ClareTaylor This road has always been to fast for as long as I can remember. Now with bradwell school loses the number if children crossing has increased dramatically over the last 25 years. It needs to be addressed before another death
6 AmandaEtheridge  
7 lizalcock  
8 Samanthatimmis  
9 JeanetteBourne  
10 michellekent terrible junction & peope speed
11 RosieM  
12 TimHughes  
13 kerrychallinor  
14 NicholaEvans Something needs to be done urgently!
15 AmandaBarker This road is so dangerous and needs to be made safer.
16 AnnmarieGavin I was the first nurse on screen at the accident by Clare avenue and bradwell lane and it was a horrific accident there needs to be 1 traffic lights at that junction and 2 speed reducing bumps down the lane
17 lisalavin Bradwell lane is dangerous road and claiming to many lives. Something needs to be done asap before another life is sadly taken.
18 RhondaBall This needs to be addressed lives have been lost if it had been dealt with yearsago these ppeople could of still bin with their families
19 IanHartshorne  
20 kirstysmith Please sort something out before we loose more lives on the same road.
21 SharonDegg  
22 KatieBrailsford Too many lives are being lost and too many hearts are being broken. Something needs to happen before we lose another. Please sort this junction out.
23 AngelaLowndes  
24 StephenBarker We need traffic lights urgently on Bradwell Lane.